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How to be strong for others in your work yet gentle with yourself so you don’t lose who you are

Hi… I am Khai Lin. 

Let me teach you how to build a profitable business gently so that you can do your best work without burning out. 

Together we will discover what works for you and your business and give yourself that space to enjoy things that matter to you.


Learn to love your work while staying connected to other parts of your life.

Work With Me

Group Coaching

Together as a community, you will learn, experiment, reflect & share on what works for you and your business. A great space to connect with like-minded women.

1-on-1 coaching

This is an investment in you, your clients and your business. It is the highest level of on-going support that will keep you in a consistent momentum.

Gentle Circle

Happens only once every two months, the Gentle Circle is where you will get to connect with other like-minded women for some real talk and peer support.


By connecting with your natural cycle, you are adjusting yourself to the pace of your feminine energy. You flourish when you are in harmony with the ebb and flow within each phase of your cycle. It’s allowing and giving yourself the space of ‘being’ and ‘doing’.